The company was established in 1985.

We produce quality Corporate as well as Domestic videos for our clients.

From Health and Safety, Presentations, New products, Training, Promotions, Information, whatever the content, a visual aspect always has more impact than a leaflet or a speech. And can of course be repeated without extra cost or time.

Enormous amounts of effort are also put into productions such as Shows, Theatre, and Sports events. Our clients have seen the advantages of preserving these for all time for their enjoyment and reference. Domestic coverage is just as important, Weddings, Celebrations, Bar mitzvahs, etc .
We produce from script to screen, and fully edit and title; cover designs and DVD printing.
KVS also converts shorter videos into MPEG files to send to clients or friends via Internet or CD

VHS to DVD or DV Tape, Cine to Video or DVD Photo Montages, and Retouching damaged Photos.

> Industrial videos > Product promotions > Health & Safety information
> Staff information > Conferences > Fashion
> Weddings > Barmitzvahs > Engagements
> Anniversary's > Special occasions > Football/ Rugby finals
> Equestrian events > Gymnastics > School Productions
> Sports days > Learning activities