They say a picture can say a thousand words, imagine what a ten minute video could do for your company. Let your customers know how World Class you are. If your company has a ISO 9000 accreditation, show them why. If Quality is important to your product then advertise it.
Promotional videos can show your products in a more flattering and professional way. DVD discs are very easy to use and so cheap to send out to potential customers.
Business Awards and Conferences. We have covered many of these and it is a tremendous accolade for any company to achieve the highest votes from your clients and the public. We can record that event for you.
Health and Safety has never played a bigger part in industry than it has now. We have made short videos for employees and contractors to view, explaining what company standards are expected, and the duty of care that is expected from them.Also fire evacuation drills, fire fighting procedures, for employees, and new employee,induction courses.
Training videos can be very comprehensive, and informative,what can be shown in a brief video, can be more than could be conveyed in an hours lecture. Seeing is believing, and most people tend to remember more if its visual.